Some indications of Pseudoscience in Theoretical Physics

Official Theoretical Physicists always blame any non-official stance on science matters as pseudoscience. However following clear indications of pseudoscience are common in official Theoretical Physics.

1- Out of proportion claims – We see redshifts and say “Universe is expanding”.

2- Claim to have sort out all the reality – like GR has the claim that everything will be sorted out only within GR and any outer thing can do nothing. (Only QM can do where GR is not applicable)

3- Assigning physical attributes to non-physical things — Spacetime Curved, Ripples in Spacetime, Expansion of Space.

4- Reality status to Ghost objects — Dark Matter, Dark Energy.

5- Explaining hard observations on the basis of already held model, theory or belief rather than developing right theory for hard observations – Cosmological Redshift, CMBR

Therefore, we see that lot of Pseudoscience is being promoted under the name of Theoretical Physics. We already have seen that Theoretical Physics is a form of Rationalism Philosophy.

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