Wikipedia has withdrawn its claim that Hubble Law was first derived by Friedmann

In my book “A Philosophical Rejection of The Big Bang Theory” (2018), I pointed out and explained that Friedmann (1922) had not actually reached to Hubble Law that was officially found in year 1929. In my (2018) book, I had quoted the stance of Wikipedia which clearly stated at that time that the law was first derived by Friedmann. Following was written in Wikipedia at that time and I had quoted the same in my (2018) book:

“Although widely attributed to Edwin Hubble, the law was first derived from the general relativity41equations, in 1922, by Alexander Friedmannwho published a set of equations …..”

Hubble Law article of Wikipedia in early 2018

After my book, Wikipedia has somewhat corrected this mistake. Now same portion of same Wikipedia article reads as follows:

Although widely attributed to Edwin Hubble,[5][6][7] the notion of the universe expanding at a calculable rate was first derived from general relativity equations in 1922 by Alexander Friedmann

Hubble Law article of Wikipedia … as on 18-06-2020.

So Wikipedia now does not insist that Hubble Law was first derived by Friedmann. However it still insists that “notion of expanding universe at a calculable rate” was first derived by Friedmann. I want to state here that this stance is also wrong. My claim is that Friedmann did not even say that galaxies are moving away. He did not even talk about galaxies. All he knew was that at cosmic scale, “stars” are static and not in motion.

To judge the matter by yourself, please download the English translation of Friedmann (1922) from this link. I have analyzed the actual position of Friedmann in this section of my (2018) book.

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