If Doppler’s Effect is not the reason of Cosmological Redshifts then what is the Reason?

First thing is that it is not due to Doppler’s Effect. Now suppose we have no alternative explanation. So should we accept Doppler’s Effect as winner simply because there is no contestant? Doppler’s effect is “redshift-speed” relationship. Cosmological Redshift is “redshift-distance” relationship. It is possible that a car is receding from us at uniform speed. At […]

Unscientific methodology of Science within the Big Bang Cosmology

Modern science, especially the Big Bang Cosmology, tends to explain little (observable) facts on the basis of ‘already known’ realities of whole universe. For example, our scientist (Georges Lemaître) already knows that ‘Universe is Expanding’. On the basis of this ‘already known’ larger fact of reality, he ‘explains’ observed redshifts of galaxies (little fact). Title […]

Can Mathematics discover unknown realities of Physical World?

Mathematics is quantitative extension of logic. It can move beyond logic only in exact quantitative terms. The basic realities are discovered through observations. Secondary realities are discovered through logic. Quantitative realities are derived from basic and secondary realities by using mathematics. Unfortunately Modern Physics is built on assumption that mathematics itself is capable to discover unknown […]

We get Redshifted light from all the directions. What are the possible interpretations?

We are getting redshifted light from everywhere. Now there are two possibilities: 1- Space is expanding at every scale and universe is expanding like a balloon. (far fetched idea – we should expect such an idea from pseudoscience or flat-earth type people). 2- Only light is getting redshifted per unit of distance. (Sensible idea – […]

What should count as ‘Physical Proof’? Why Redshifts and CMBR serve as ‘Mathematical Proof’ rather than being ‘Physical Proof’ of Big Bang?

Physical proof is simply the experimental proof. The redshifts that scientists have observed in light coming from far off galaxies are NOT due to Doppler’s effect thus do not amount to physical proof. That is a different kind of redshift which is called Cosmological Redshift. This redshift is not proof of receding of anything. The […]

Redshifts observed in far off galaxies are not the proof of Expansion of Universe

Big Bang Cosmologists deceptively tell us that Doppler’s Redshift observed in light coming from far off galaxies is the proof of expansion of universe. The fact is that the redshifts they have so observed are not Doppler’s Shifts at all. That is a different kind of redshift which is called Cosmological Redshift. Given the fact […]