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Preface & Complete 1st Chapter – Book: “Philosophy Unscrambles Dark Matter” Preface thoroughly outlines the development and status of dark matter theory at the time of publishing this book. First chapter is like a combat between mathematical counterintuitive physics and human commonsense and explains that human commonsense equipped with proper philosophical approach is capable to deal with […]

Is Universe written in Mathematics?

We live in a physical world that behaves mathematically. We do not live in a mathematical world that manifests itself physically. Physical reality comes first. Equations do not govern physical reality. The physical reality can be approximated into the form of equations. Physical reality also can be approximated into the form of logical propositions like […]

Newton, Theoretical Physics, Rationalism Philosophy and Natural Philosophy

Newton was Theoretical Physicist … (a point of view) Well, basically Newton was Natural Philosopher. English Translation title of his Principlia Mathematica is “The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy”. Newton was not Theoretical Physicist. He was greatest Natural Philosopher however. While every Science or Philosophy must have to start from a point, The unique sign […]

Theoretical Physics is a form of Rationalism Philosophy:

Theoretical Physics is a form of Rationalism Philosophy. Rationalism is all about ‘deducing’ details of reality from first principles. In today’s Theoretical Physics, certain ‘first principles’ or ‘frameworks’ (GR and QM) have been worked out. Here ‘logical deduction’ part has been replaced by ‘Mathematical Derivation’. There is no essential difference between deduction and derivation. Essentially, […]

de-Sitter effect and the actual ‘prediction’ of redshift-distance relationship in year 1917:

Fritz Zwicky (so called father of dark matter) had proposed various alternative mechanisms to explain redshifts in those early days but he himself accepted that they did not work as expected. Since all other ‘mechanisms’ failed … so only the ‘velocity’ mechanism survived. But that was not just the survival of fittest thing. Hubble was skeptical of […]

Can Mathematics discover unknown realities of Physical World?

Mathematics is quantitative extension of logic. It can move beyond logic only in exact quantitative terms. The basic realities are discovered through observations. Secondary realities are discovered through logic. Quantitative realities are derived from basic and secondary realities by using mathematics. Unfortunately Modern Physics is built on assumption that mathematics itself is capable to discover unknown […]