How to explain rotation velocities of stars in galaxy without the need of dark matter?

Scientists expected that star velocities of galaxy must follow Kepler’s 3rd law which required that galaxy should rotate slowly from edges than from center. However, Kepler’s 3rd law was a specific law that was applicable to solar system or planet-moon systems where greater mass is concentrated at the center. But galaxy is a different system […]

To be Philosophical

To be Philosophical means looking things in totality. To have a totalitarian approach. Rather than focusing a particular problem, trying to understand overall general structure, scheme or theme. To have a systematic approach and unwillingness to accept any stance within that general scheme without having solid logical justification. This philosophical approach is good because non […]

Dark Matter Fallacy and Newton’s Theorem XXXIII

Kepler’s 3rd law was not relevant to Galactic Rotation: Idea of Dark Matter is like an offshoot of wrongfully expecting the relevancy of Kepler’s 3rd law for rotation of Galaxies. In our solar system, Mercury is closest to Sun and has greatest orbital velocity. (Let’s say) Pluto is farthest from Sun and has lowest orbital […]

Many visible galaxies are located at (light travel) distance of many hundred billion light years

Following are free excerpts from section II.I.II of my recent book “Philosophy Unscrambles Dark Matter”. II.I.II. The actual Anomalies Not only that redshifts of far off galaxies are not due to Doppler’s Effect and thus do not represent radial velocities, there are also genuine problems in the established distances of those galaxies. Official distances of […]

Einstein’s outdated concept of Universe

Einstein tried to explain his idea of Universe in year 1917. His Universe was flawed. Static and finite universe. Stars at cosmic distances were relatively static. There was no movement of anything at cosmic scales. Finite cosmos and no movement induced in him the fear that universe will collapse under gravity. Therefore he introduced cosmological […]

Why is Hegel accused of being “unreadable”?

Thanks to Encyclopedias and other secondary sources through which we may know what Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was saying. His original writings are almost not readable. My assessment is that Hegel does not expect anything from or care anything for the reader. He is himself expert of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Spinoza, Locke, Leibniz, Hume and […]

“Newton was careless”; An Expert had to say

There are lot of fishy things going on in Modern Physics. Textbooks on Physics as well as all the official sources of Physics inform us that second law of Newton is F=ma (or modern form of F=dp/dt). Anything questioning this stance is straight regarded as crack-pottery. But I dared to question this. I have had […]