North of North Pole Argument of Big Bang Supporters:

Big Bang supports love to argue that time did not exist prior to Big Bang. Their famous argument is that “North of North Pole is meaningless therefore asking what existed prior to Big Bang is also meaningless.” Here we are to analyze this argument without dragging ourselves to ultra deep philosophy. In simple sense, North […]

What is source and explanation of CMBR under Non-Expanding Model of Universe?

CMBR is electromagnetic radiation within microwaves zone of the spectrum and coming from all the parts of sky. It is right to think of it as a form of (invisible) light coming from everywhere. Source of CMBR is said to be the state of Universe as it existed some 380,000 years after Big Bang. At […]

Redshifts observed in far off galaxies are not the proof of Expansion of Universe

Big Bang Cosmologists deceptively tell us that Doppler’s Redshift observed in light coming from far off galaxies is the proof of expansion of universe. The fact is that the redshifts they have so observed are not Doppler’s Shifts at all. That is a different kind of redshift which is called Cosmological Redshift. Given the fact […]

How idea of The Big Bang Initial Singularity Emerged?

In Modern Physics, there are two distinct forms of singularities which are (i) Black Hole Singularity and; (ii) Big Bang Initial Singularity. These so called ‘counter intuitive’ notions or concepts of ‘singularity’ are results of mistakes and misunderstandings rather than actual result taken from equations of mathematics. Development of scientific ideas is not outside the regime […]

“Universe is under no obligation to make sense”. An analysis of this Argument

“Universe is under no obligation to make sense” Supporters of the Big Bang Theory often give reply to criticism of their theory in the form of above quoted argument. Well … This is a misleading argument. This argument is correct but applies only to realities that are unknown. For example there may be an incomprehensible […]

Is Steady State Theory the real competitor of the Big Bang Theory?

Steady State Theory is (or was) not the real competitor of the Big Bang Model as Steady State also submits to the notion of ‘Expanding Universe’. In case universe is not expanding then both Big Bang and Steady State theories are equally wrong. Thus if there is competition, that is within single niche. It is […]

What is Evidence of the Big Bang Theory and how solid is that Evidence?

The only so-called evidence of the Big Bang Theory is that Georges Lemaître had derived Hubble type redshift-distance relationship in light coming from far off galaxies from relativistic (GR) equations in year 1927 whereas Hubble could experimentally find this relationship in year 1929. In this way, it is claimed that (GR based) mathematics had already […]

According to FLRW model, Big Bang is taking place right now, everywhere

According to ‘FLRW metric’ expansion of space is taking place all the time everywhere. If 1 mm distance is becoming 2 mm in 1 billion years then 2 mm is becoming 4 mm in same 1 billion year and so on. Every length of space has to become double in same 1 billion years. So […]

Edwin Hubble did not say in 1929 that ‘Universe is Expanding’. Here is the original 1929 paper:

Edwin Hubble DID NOT say that Universe is expanding. Let us see what he actually said in year 1929. Following is link to his original 1929 paper: A relation between distance and radial velocity among extra-galactic nebulae Title of the paper is: “A relation between distance and radial velocity among extra-galactic nebulae.” Here “radial velocity” means “redshift”. […]