Is it possible to ‘remember’ without ‘thinking’?

‘Thinking’ is chain of abstract ideas that may proceed without accompanying ongoing perception of relevant real stuff to which that chain refers. ‘Remembering’ may not be totally abstract. For example one real entity is currently perceived and associated things are ‘remembered’. For example let’s say I am not thinking at all. I just see an […]

Can Simple logical thought be misleading?

Yes it is possible that simplistic logical thought be misleading. But complex mathematical thought also can be misleading. Following is reliable for me however: Start from observation/ observed facts. Simplistic logical thought. Internally consistent. Does not defy observations. Free from twisted logic. Simplistic logical thought that starts not from observations but from larger ideas or […]

Maxwell is Maxwell because he humbly listened to Faraday and did not call him Crank

Science has progressed because Sir Humphry Davy did not believe in degrees and duly and rightfully offered job of Laboratory Assistant to Michael Faraday who had the relevant talent despite not having formal education. Britannica – Michael Faraday James Clerk Maxwell is Maxwell because he humbly and passionately listened to Faraday despite Faraday not having […]

Can there be role of Philosophy towards the Progress of Science?

The answer to this question is “Yes and No”. More precise answer is “No and Yes”. No part is because Philosophers tend to transcend physical reality. They may or may not go to right side. Even if some of them reach to right destination of transcendent reality, their method is not suitable to study physical […]

To be Philosophical

To be Philosophical means looking things in totality. To have a totalitarian approach. Rather than focusing a particular problem, trying to understand overall general structure, scheme or theme. To have a systematic approach and unwillingness to accept any stance within that general scheme without having solid logical justification. This philosophical approach is good because non […]

‘Scientists’ are under delusion and they do think that Universe is ‘Governed’ by their theories.

After having seen that General Relativity (GR) has actually failed the test of Cosmos, now it is time to see that ‘scientists’ do think as if their beloved theories ‘govern’ the whole Universe. Examples are numerous but purpose of this blog post is not to present a great number of examples. It is quite general […]

“There is No Alternative to the Big Bang Cosmology” – a closed-minded argument of Big Bang Supporters

Supporters of Big Bang Cosmology often come up with this argument. Recently, a Philosopher of Science, Dr. Bjørn Ekeberg (PhD) published a Philosophic themed book from the platform of a reputed University that pointed out some problems of Big Bang Cosmology. The first response from the Big Bang Supporters that he faced was this title […]

Does Philosophy teach us anything?

Basically supporters of modern official science frequently raise this question only to make a point as if Philosophy actually cannot teach anything. The answer is that Philosophy teaches us our right limits. We do not claim to have hard knowledge of things beyond of our limits. With philosophy we find the logical boundary of any […]