Actually … Whatever can be imagined is possible. But there are two kinds of imaginations. First is simply imagining a unique unreal object like smiling sun or golden apple. Both these entities are capable to be imagined. And yes .. it is not impossible that any real golden apple or real smiling sun should exist in any unidentified world.

So principle is whatever is not impossible is possible. But it does not mean whatever is not impossible is real.

Only thing real is that real toys of golden mountain and flying horse can be made. Nature does not form new things on the basis of possibility of imagination. Only artificial things are made on the basis of their possibility of imagination.

Second type of imagination is even more wild. It is real Pink Panther world where you can capture sun into your bag and can travel to other galaxies in few seconds. These things are NOT possible in reality even in the form of toys but do are possible in the form of animation series. Even mathematics also can represent those animations. But these things cannot be real in any parallel world.

‘Thinking’ is chain of abstract ideas that may proceed without accompanying ongoing perception of relevant real stuff to which that chain refers.

‘Remembering’ may not be totally abstract. For example one real entity is currently perceived and associated things are ‘remembered’.

For example let’s say I am not thinking at all. I just see an old class fellow and suddenly ‘remember’ many associated things of old class life like daily routine of that time and other class fellows.

Animals do remember their stuff in this way. For example an animal has reached to a turn in its usual path or route. Now that animal, while physically perceiving the turn, ‘remembers’ which side to take turn.

Yes it is possible that simplistic logical thought be misleading. But complex mathematical thought also can be misleading. Following is reliable for me however:

  • Start from observation/ observed facts.
  • Simplistic logical thought.
  • Internally consistent.
  • Does not defy observations.
  • Free from twisted logic.

Simplistic logical thought that starts not from observations but from larger ideas or theories about reality are not reliable. Examples …

  • Universe is finite having radius R >>> interpretion of observed redshifts.
  • Universe is moving at speed of light >>> observed data tallies with my theory.
  • Universe started from xyz waves >>> everything gets explained.

Science has progressed because Sir Humphry Davy did not believe in degrees and duly and rightfully offered job of Laboratory Assistant to Michael Faraday who had the relevant talent despite not having formal education.

Britannica – Michael Faraday

James Clerk Maxwell is Maxwell because he humbly and passionately listened to Faraday despite Faraday not having relevant degree. Maxwell is Maxwell because he did not refuse to listen to Faraday by calling him crank.

The answer to this question is “Yes and No”. More precise answer is “No and Yes”.

No part is because Philosophers tend to transcend physical reality. They may or may not go to right side. Even if some of them reach to right destination of transcendent reality, their method is not suitable to study physical reality.

For the yes part … (i) Philosophy must not peruse transcendent destination beyond of physical reality and (ii) Philosophy must be assertive of physical reality. Yes part of Philosophy is rare these days but it is part of philosophical tradition as explained below:

Preface & Complete 1st Chapter – Book: “Philosophy Unscrambles Dark Matter”

To be Philosophical means looking things in totality. To have a totalitarian approach. Rather than focusing a particular problem, trying to understand overall general structure, scheme or theme. To have a systematic approach and unwillingness to accept any stance within that general scheme without having solid logical justification.

This philosophical approach is good because non Philosophical people are often trapped in particular problems that may not even have sound logical basis. Having totalitarian approach is not a hindrance for solving particular problems either. Philosophy is more interested in big picture. A big picture philosopher can be dealing with particular problems but that would be his practical activity rather than philosophical.

After having seen that General Relativity (GR) has actually failed the test of Cosmos, now it is time to see that ‘scientists’ do think as if their beloved theories ‘govern’ the whole Universe.

Examples are numerous but purpose of this blog post is not to present a great number of examples. It is quite general – they normally talk like this and take it for granted that their theories do ‘govern’ the Physical World. Here is a recent example of just yesterday where a famous science writer is saying following:

From a theoretical perspective, we know how galaxies should form. We know that the Universe ought to start out governed by General Relativity, our law of gravity.

Ethan Siegel — Senior Contributor at

Here Ethan Siegel, just like majority of other ‘scientists’ is thinking that Universe must start in mode and manner as prescribed by the governing theory which is General Relativity.

The straight answer to this opinion should be that if your theory is the Governor of Universe then Universe must be a rebel of this Governor. This blog has already shown that Universe or Cosmos actually does not care anything about General Relativity (GR).

However actually this is the issue of perspective. Modern Science especially Physics is under the influence of Idealism. The implications of idealism on Physics are profound and deep which I have explained somewhere else in following words:

Implications of idealism are that our own ideas seem more real than the actual physical facts. Rather than explaining unknown aspects of reality on the basis of known observed facts, science would start explaining or interpreting observed facts on the basis of metaphysical ideas of larger reality. Big Bang theory is one of extreme examples of this kind of manifestation of idealism in Physics.

In this modern idealism, we start from GR equations. We find ‘correct solutions’ on paper and take them for real. It means we are at least at an advanced stage than those ancient animist people for whom any idea would be as real as physical reality. Our “modern science” has only sorted out that status of reality cannot be assigned to each and every idea of mind. This status goes only to ‘correct solutions’ of GR equations.

The actual physical reality is only that we are getting redshifted light from everywhere such that more distant galaxies are more redshifted. But more real for scientists is the very first moment of creation of universe that is found out through so called ‘correct solutions and our scientists become able to tell us (like modern magicians) all the details of that early stage of universe as if it took place before their eyes. Not only that, rather than theorizing larger reality on the basis of observed facts (scientific approach), they have started explaining or interpreting observed facts on the basis of so-called already known larger facts of reality.


Modern ‘Scientists’ are actually more than magicians. They are the kINGS of whole Universe and their theories are the governors of Universe. As I stated earlier, basically this is the issue of perspective. Outlook of ‘scientists’ has been contaminated by idealism. Reality can however be captured or grasped only from realistic point of view such as Epistemological Realism where external world is real i.e. not construction of mind. Mind is reflection. Our theories do not govern Cosmos … Our best theories only best represent the physical reality into theoretical – narrative or mathematical – format. Knowledge is confined to the boundaries of mind. Mind works on observational data and ‘organizes’ sense data into the form of knowledge. And Scientific knowledge also does not cross the boundaries of mind.

Yes Idealism is more charming. But realistically speaking, our theories do not ‘govern’ physical world.

Supporters of Big Bang Cosmology often come up with this argument. Recently, a Philosopher of Science, Dr. Bjørn Ekeberg (PhD) published a Philosophic themed book from the platform of a reputed University that pointed out some problems of Big Bang Cosmology.

The first response from the Big Bang Supporters that he faced was this title argument that “There is No Alternative to Big Bang Cosmology”.

The background of this argument is that present day science has settled in a “peer review” process. Now forget good old day’s open minded science where scientific research or experimental results were science. Now “what has been published” is science.

This is a closed process. New ‘scientist’ is required to cite recent publications. In this process only peer reviewed stuff is cited … may be it is hard requirement to cite only proper peer reviewed stuff.

The result is that for the modern ‘scientist’, science only exists in peer reviewed journals and any individual’s ideas are not science unless they are published in peer reviewed journal.

See that it is closed process and obviously it gives rise to close mindedness.

Contempt of ‘scientists’ against open mindedness is clear in their beloved Dunning and Kruger Effect. To any outside researcher, they straight away call “suffering from DK effect”.

Any outsider researcher has false confidence that he has found something in science. It is not possible that any outsider may find scientific fact. If any individual thinks so, he must be suffering from DK effect.

However, following is the reality of DK effect:

Dunning-Kruger Effect — How it is a faulty theory: by Khuram Rafique on khuram

A typical closed minded approach … Actual DK effect is the confidence that all the knowledge is contained only in peer reviewed books and journals. Dunning and Kruger were suffering from this actual DK effect. They formulated a theory about a person named McArthur Wheeler … and they did not bother to see that case type of McArthur Wheeler was already well theorized in a 19th century (pre-peer review era) important book.

The nature of contempt of ‘scientists’ is that for them any outside thing does not even exist. If they say that Big Bang Theory is the only explanation of related observed phenomenon, they are right only to the extent that yes within peer reviewed domain it is the only thing in town. And they do not publish outside things. Therefore only thing in town remains the only thing in town.

Actual DK effect is like a cartoon character who has a big nose. Everywhere he can see only his own nose. So only his own nose is everywhere. This is the nature of contempt of present day ‘scientist’ against open mindedness.

Open minded person says alternatives exist … just open your mind. Our scientist would say no everywhere is my own nose. No other thing exists in town.