Is it possible to ‘remember’ without ‘thinking’?

‘Thinking’ is chain of abstract ideas that may proceed without accompanying ongoing perception of relevant real stuff to which that chain refers. ‘Remembering’ may not be totally abstract. For example one real entity is currently perceived and associated things are ‘remembered’. For example let’s say I am not thinking at all. I just see an […]

Can Simple logical thought be misleading?

Yes it is possible that simplistic logical thought be misleading. But complex mathematical thought also can be misleading. Following is reliable for me however: Start from observation/ observed facts. Simplistic logical thought. Internally consistent. Does not defy observations. Free from twisted logic. Simplistic logical thought that starts not from observations but from larger ideas or […]

Maxwell is Maxwell because he humbly listened to Faraday and did not call him Crank

Science has progressed because Sir Humphry Davy did not believe in degrees and duly and rightfully offered job of Laboratory Assistant to Michael Faraday who had the relevant talent despite not having formal education. Britannica – Michael Faraday James Clerk Maxwell is Maxwell because he humbly and passionately listened to Faraday despite Faraday not having […]

Shell Theorem and Dark Matter

This online source is confirming my stance that scientists had actually applied Newton’s Theorem XXXI to the Galactic Rotation Problem. Above source is criticizing that scientists should not have modeled gravity of galaxy like that (i.e. like Theorem XXXI). However this source has not reached to the point of Theorem XXXIII. My book Philosophy Unscrambles […]

GR failed in ‘predicting’ the existence of Galaxies. Newton however reached to this kind of structure i.e. Galaxy.

General Relativity was an achievement. But Universe itself is greater, deeper, stranger and different from this achievement. Our best theories … including GR do not correctly ‘predict’ the actual universe. Any such claim is false. Universe also does not laugh on such claims. We ourselves should review our claims whether they are realistic or not. […]

Can there be role of Philosophy towards the Progress of Science?

The answer to this question is “Yes and No”. More precise answer is “No and Yes”. No part is because Philosophers tend to transcend physical reality. They may or may not go to right side. Even if some of them reach to right destination of transcendent reality, their method is not suitable to study physical […]

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Preface & Complete 1st Chapter – Book: “Philosophy Unscrambles Dark Matter” Preface thoroughly outlines the development and status of dark matter theory at the time of publishing this book. First chapter is like a combat between mathematical counterintuitive physics and human commonsense and explains that human commonsense equipped with proper philosophical approach is capable to deal with […]

Free sections II.II.IV and II.II.VI — Book: “Philosophy Unscrambles Dark Matter”

In response to my recent blog post that briefly explains how scientists applied irrelevant Newton’s Theorem XXXI to the galactic rotation problem and missed to apply correct Theorem XXXIII, a PhD physics person pointed out that even if Theorem XXXIII is applied, the discrepancy remains. To this, my reply was that blog post was brief. […]